Waiting for our connecting flight in Amsterdam.

We reached Moshi and the Springlands Hotel around 11PM. First thing we did was order a round of the local beer. Kilimanharo beer FTW!

We had the entire day to settle in so we went exploring the town.

Interacting with the locals over a bottle of Coca Cola.

Washing our hands before launch.

Chicken with rice and a Fanta, $3.

Our ride to Kili has arrived the next morning.

The box lunch, which we've learned to hate over time.

At the entrance gate to the park.

The start of the trail.

First night's campsite.

Our monkey friends.

Our meal tent, being served tea and a snack before dinner.

Day 2: Our longest trek of 22KMs.

Our facilities.

The view in the morning.

Soup time.

On the trail.

View from our campsite at night.

So close, yet still so far.

Looking up at the summit in the morning.

Sunrise while we were nearing the summit.

At Disappointment Point, over the volcanic crater.

The glacier.

Unamused at 5895 meters amsl.

Team Poland!

Acting a fool at the summit.

Our entire team.

First thing we did when we got down: celebrated with a Kili.

and pizza!

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