The start to our safari ended up with a flat, twice.

At the entrance to the National Park.

In the park.

The local watering hole.

I love warthogs.

The 5 legged elephant.

At the hotel after the first day of the safari.

Maasai village.

At the gate to the Serengeti.

Lets wake up the lions.

Hungry hungry hippos.


Lioness and her cubs.

Our camp for night 2 and 3 of the safari.

A leopard in the tree.

Pack of lions munching on a zebra.

3 hyenas waiting for scraps.

Only 5 minutes later, and now there are 30 hyenas going at it with the lions.

We pissed this hippo off, and our driver punched it out of there.

Inside the Ngorongoro Crater.

We've been had by our driver/guide.

He told us to grab the box lunch and not feed the birds.

We were attacked, while he sat, watched, and laughed his ass off.

We lost two sandwiches before we ran back to the car :|

One of my favorite shots.

Day 5 of the safari we took a hike through the forest.

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